VPS as a Service

A VPS setup is pretty well known solution to everyone by now. Your own virtual private server space reserved on a hosting platform. To be fully arranged entirely to your own liking. Resources, bandwidth and storage space guaranteed. But what if you set up a VPS with the wrong size and performance at the start? Then you either pay way too much or you have to move to a size bigger. And how do you choose that?

VPS that always fits

On our PaaS platform, you can set up an auto-scaling VPS. You decide the amount of resources you want to have available and you choose a limit on the maximum available resources. Take a pick that that fits in your budget. And you only pay for what you actually consume in resources.

Wide range

You have the choice of a wide range of default deployable Linux operating systems on your VPS, such as Centos, Debian and Ubuntu.

SSH access

By default, you have the ability to access your VPS via SSH. You can upload your keys in our advanced PaaS Dashboard and then access your VPS easily and securely at any time.

IPv4 and IPv6

In our advanced PaaS Dashboard, you can easily assign or remove public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Advanced Firewall

Configure your firewall the way you want it. With our advanced PaaS Dashboard, you change firewall settings with a few clicks. Experience how simply everything can be applied.

Automated scaling

Automatic scaling guarantees you high performance, the availability of your VPS and uptime at the same time. Because the platform works with resource allocations based on the actual load of the environment, performance, uptime and availability are guaranteed.

Pay only for what you consume

We also offer the per-pay-use concept for VPS. Adjust any setting in our advanced dashboard on our PaaS platform. Resources are measured every hour and you only pay for the resources used.

Free migration service!!!
Do you have an existing environment hosted elsewhere? We take care of the migration of your current environment to BasicCloud PaaS. No hassles, no worries. You can enjoy all the benefits immediately!

Pay per use - Only pay for what you actually consume

How does that actually work?

Play Video about pay for the usage

Only pay for what you consume? Check it out here

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