WordPress as a Service

Next generation, high performance WordPress hosting.

Set up your WordPress website with a single click

In our Marketplace, you can set up the standalone or the cluster version with a single click. After completion you have complete control on all settings.

LiteSpeed Web Server

LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server is a great solution, giving you high scalability and high performance. Combined with the advanced cache-management WordPress plug-in and our default-set best practices, you'll lower your website's load time in no time. This results in a website that can handle more visitors and keeps your customer's user experience optimal.

Advanced Dashboard

Adjust any setting in our advanced dashboard on our PaaS platform. You have access to various tools such as; GIT, SVN auto-deployment or the ability to easily set up a staging environment for development within minutes.

Cache Management

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) is an all-in-one site acceleration plug-in with an exclusive server-level cache and a collection of optimization features.LSCWP supports WordPress Multisite and is compatible with most popular plugins, including WooCommerce, bbPress and Yoast SEO.

Premium CDN

HTTP/3 Premium CDN (content delivery network) add-on leverages a highly interconnected global network, with massive bandwidth capacity, advanced caching and acceleration strategies, fast routing IP Anycast technology for powerful and blazing fast performance around the world.


LiteSpeed Web Server offers excellent ModSecurity compatibility, allowing advanced rules for filtering out attacking requests by checking for known attack signatures. LSWS has built-in WAF security features to block bad connections. LiteSpeed also works well with popular mod_security rules such as Owasp, Atomicorp, Comodo.

Automatically Scalable

On our PaaS platform, your webshop will automatically scale in resources. You are in control of your budget and you decide how much resources you have available when you generate a lot of traffic. You only pay for what you consume.

Pay per use - Only pay for what you actually consume

How does that actually work?

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Free migration service!!!
Do you have an existing environment hosted elsewhere? We take care of the migration of your current environment to BasicCloud PaaS. No hassles, no worries. You can enjoy all the benefits immediately!

Why BasicCloud PaaS? Because it's super easy!

Platform as a Service is an efficient and all inclusive solution for building and developing an application in the cloud. In this, scalability plays a central role. You use only the space you need, and also turn the knobs yourself. Pay-per-use: pay only for the space and performance you purchase. At the same time, updates, maintenance and management of the infrastructure are taken out of your hands. A total solution for businesses, developers and DevOps teams.

Super easy rolling out

From the Marketplace, choose a ready-made environment. Or choose your own environment in our dashboard and customize it. Up and running with a few clicks. No line of code is needed.

Automatic scaling of each environment

Never run out of resources again. Set the desired triggers and the system automatically scales your application vertically and horizontally during load spikes. Traffic is distributed evenly with load balancer across multiple instances.

DevOps Platform

The complete and super advanced development package in the cloud for DevOps teams and Developers. And yet easy to use. In the dashboard, you are fully in control. Need a load balancer? Public IPV4 address? Still a clustered database? With a few clicks, it's settled.

Migration service

Do you have an existing environment hosted elsewhere and still want to experience all the benefits of BasicCloud PaaS? We help transfer the environment to our advanced platform. At no additional cost.

Pay only for what you actually consume in resources

Pay per use. Instead of a fixed monthly fee, you pay only for the resources that are actually used. Never too much, never too little.

Servers and service from the Netherlands

Our servers are guaranteed to run in Dutch data centers. In addition, through short lines of communication we are always available for support. Take advantage of it.

WordPress one-click solutions

Try a WordPress standalone kit or a cluster for free for 14 days

BasicCloud PaaS Services

Choose your platform and set it up with a few clicks

DevOps Platform

The complete and super advanced development package in the cloud for DevOps teams and Developers

WordPress As A Service

Next generation, high performance WordPress hosting. Standalone or clustered. With a single click the most high performance environment

Magento as a Service

Magento is a top open source e-commerce platform with many efficient tools for webshop developers.

VPS as a Service

An automatically scalable VPS. Have a choice of Linux distributions and only pay for what you actually consume.

Database as a Service

Need a database quickly? Don't spend time setting up an environment first. With a few clicks in our advanced dashboard you are up and running.

Container as a service

A cloud-based service that allows developers and IT departments to manage containers using container-based virtualization.

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