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Database Hosting

Need a database quickly? Need a database quickly? Don’t spend time setting up an environment first. With a few clicks in our advanced dashboard you are up and running in no-time. All common databases can be set up with us with just a few clicks. SQL or NoSQL versions. We have them all. And all on our automatically scaling environment. You decide the amount of resources you want to have available and you choose a limit on the maximum available resources. Take a pick that that fits in your budget. And you only pay for what you actually consume in resources. That’s completely different from how the “big boys” in cloud hosting are billing you.

Setup any kind of database in a breeze

Support for all programming languages and stacks Zero coding required Pay only what you actually consume in resources

A database that always performs and grows with you

On our PaaS platform you can set up an automatically scaling database. You decide the minimum and maximum of resources you want to have available. So the solution always fits within your available budget. No suprises. And you only pay for what you actually consume in resources.

Wide range of databases

You have a choice of all common databases. SQL or NoSQL Bringing in your own existing environment? No problem. Up and running in just a few clicks.

Maximum flexibility

No licenses. No Vendor Lock-in. Configure and scale your database as needed, whether for new developments, test environments or increasing demand.

Safe from the start

Our DBaaS technology provide all security features to protect your data by default. We manage your environment. You can focus on your project.

Shorten the development cycle.

No more fumbling with slow on-premises solutions and IT departments for database redesign. Speed up your time-to-market for new developments and releases by creating databases with a few clicks.

Automated scaling

Automatic scaling guarantees you high performance, database availability and uptime simultaneously. Because the platform works with resource allocations that are based on the actual load of the environment, performance, uptime and availability are assured.

Pay only for what you consume

We also offer the per-pay-use concept for DBaaS. Determine your own budget by turning the knobs and setting a limit. Resources are measured every hour and you only pay for the resources used.

Pay per use - Only pay for what you actually consume

How does that actually work?

Pricing calculator

Only pay for what you consume? Check it out here

BasicCloud PaaS Services

Choose your platform and set it up with a few clicks


An automatically scalable VPS. Have a choice of Linux distributions and only pay for what you actually consume.

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Database Hosting

Need a database quickly? Don't spend time setting up an environment first. With a few clicks in our advanced dashboard you are up and running.

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