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General Terms and Conditions

This document includes the privacy policy that apply to the use of the services and products available through wdes Ltd.

General Terms

General Terms and Conditions

BasicCloud is a trade name of Met Pit & Co B.V.

The most important points from the general terms and conditions are listed below. This abbreviated view is intended to facilitate the user. The full file of all terms and conditions can be found here. This complete file of terms and conditions is leading and no rights can be derived from this brief explanation.

Prices excluding VAT

We are primarily there for businesses. That’s why we always communicate prices excluding VAT per year. Kind of easy if you were planning on deducting the VAT anyway. Not a business? No problem. Of course, in the shopping cart, you will see the total overview in which the VAT and the price including VAT are clearly stated.

Illegal Activities

BasicCloud gives you access to our servers to put your website on the Internet. Your website must be set up in such a way that others cannot use it for hacking activities, DDoS attacks, or other infringement on BasicCloud’s servers or those of others. You may not use your access to the servers or allow others to use it to break into BasicCloud’s servers.

Misuse of the servers

The website content you post must conform to general societal standards. Porn websites and websites that incite readers to illegal activities are not allowed at BasicCloud. BasicCloud has the right to determine whether a website is acceptable or not. If this is the case, then BasicCloud may take your website offline. If we suspect criminal acts, we may also inform the authorities and provide relevant data if necessary.

Spam not allowed

Sending large amounts of unsolicited e-mail (spamming) via the BasicCloud servers is not allowed. If we notice that a customer is violating any of the above rules, BasicCloud has the right to remove the site from the Internet immediately.

Data Traffic

BasicCloud offers its customers unlimited data traffic with certain packages based on ‘fair use policy’. This means that the data traffic is more or less the same as the average data traffic of other websites. If a website causes this average to be greatly exceeded, you will receive a warning. We may take action on this and charge a surcharge for the overage.

Liability and force majeure

At BasicCloud, we are 100% committed, but there may be times when something happens that is beyond our control. For example, BasicCloud works with external parties and in some cases the solution to a problem is beyond our control. If BasicCloud does incur liability and compensation is required, this will be up to the annual subscription value with a maximum of € 500.00. This maximum applies if the insurer does not or cannot pay out.


BasicCloud collects the annual fee for your packages in advance. One year after registration you will receive a new invoice from us by email. You can also find it in My Account in the portal.

If you use our PaaS platform then you pay dynamically and payment is based on a pre-purchased credit. In your dashboard you can see what your current balance is. It is updated every hour.


A cancellation of a domain name must be received by us no later than one month before the domain name expires. The date the domain name expires can be found in the overview of domains in My Account. In My Account you can cancel the domain name. To do so, click on the ‘Cancel’ button for the domain name in question. The registered owner will then receive an email with a cancellation code. Once the code is entered in My Account you will receive another confirmation of the cancellation with the effective date. There it also says until when you can cancel the cancellation.

Customer data

BasicCloud will never sell, rent, or use customer data made available to it for spamming purposes. We do have to meet the requirements of organizations that register and manage domain names. For .nl for example, this is SIDN, which requires that each domain name is provided with accurate personal data. We have no control over what SIDN does with this data. If, for example, you do not want your name and address to be retrievable via the Internet, you should officially request this from SIDN. Click here for the procedure. This version of the Terms and Conditions is effective as of December 22, 2020.

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