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DevOps PaaS <br>Platform

BasicCloud Platform as a Service The complete and super advanced development package in the cloud for DevOps teams and Developers.

One environment for all your popular stacks

Support for all programming languages and stacks. Zero coding required. Only pay for what you actually consume in resource

Set up any cloud application in a few clicks!

Platform as a Service is an efficient and all inclusive solution for building and developing applications in the cloud. In this, scalability plays a central role. You use only the the resources you need. You are in control. Pay-per-use: only pay for the resources you actually use. Updates, maintenance and management of the infrastructure are taken care of. A total solution for special developers and DevOps teams.

Zero Code required for deploying.

Deploy and run legacy monolithic applications and cloud-native microservices without code changes and without vendor lock-in. Deploying can be done easily with GIT or SVN with automatic updates, archives (zip, war, jar, ear) directly from our portal or via integrated plugins like Maven, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA.

Easy to use Single Point of Management

Our intuitive and user-friendly Dashboard makes it super easy for you to set up and manage your dev, test and production environments. You have full control on all your environments in a very easy way. In the portal, you control who has access to the environments, monitor used resources, assign automatic scaling, set alerts, add custom domains, configure SSL and assign Firewall rules for inbound and outbound traffic and much more.

Managed Cluster solutions in the Marketplace

Marketplace offers you a choice of ready-configured environments. From WordPress Cluster, Magento, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NGINX, Tomcat, GlassFish, WildFly, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and other solutions are available in our Marketplace. These high-availability clusters are automatically deployed, scaled and replicated. With a minimum of effort, the environment is set up, maintained, managed and ready for use.

Automated Vertical and Horizontal Scaling

icon Automated Vertical and Horizontal Scaling Automatic scaling guarantees you high performance, application availability and uptime simultaneously. Because the platform works with resource allocations based on the actual load of the environment, performance, uptime and availability are guaranteed..

Automated Server Installation

Production and dev environments are set up in minutes through our portal with the user-friendly topology wizard, or via API, SSH, CLI. Run Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, .NET, Go, Docker Swarm or Kubernetes based applications. You can use a wide choice of SQL and NoSQL databases, app servers, balancers and storage containers without the need for manual configurations to install the environment.

Pay only for what you consume

Cloudlets: Each container hosted with PaaS TO PLEASE is divided into granular units - cloudlets (128 MiB RAM and 400 MHz CPU). These are automatically allocated when the environment is more heavily loaded. The system measures how many cloudlets are consumed in each container every hour and only charges for these used resources.

Supported languages and features

Easily create environments for your favorite programming language, application servers, SQL and NoSQL databases, load balancers in a few click

Supported languages

Our Paas platform supports your Dev environment out of the box.

Application Servers

SQL and NoSQL database server and clusters


SQL and NoSQL database server and clusters


Need load balancing? We have it right there for you.

Clustered one-click solutions

Of course with auto-scaling and pay per use

Pricing calculator

Only pay for what you consume? Check it out here

BasicCloud is more than just Next Gen Cloud Hosting!

We’re here for you. You are not doing business with a “clever” website, but with real professionals. Basic in use, next level in technology.

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